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Embedded Intelligence


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  1. Artificial Intelligence in Wearables – Challenges and Opportunities in Physical Therapy and Sports Training

    In: Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Hybrid Human-Artificial Intelligence. International Conference on Hybrid Human-Artificial …

  2. Passant Alagroudy; Jie Li; Albecht Schmidt; Paul Lukowicz; Kaisa Väänänen; Hirishi Ishii; Antti Oulasvirta; Rui Prada; Giulia Barbareschi; Agnes Grünerbl; Abdallah El Ali; Anicia Peters; Alexandra Deining; Fiona Draxler; Wendy Mackay; Elisatheth Churchill; Julie Williamson; Robin Welsch; Midori Kawaguchi

    Transforming HCI Methods using GenAI and "Large Whatever Models" (LWMs)

    In: Special Interest Group at the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. ACM International Conference on Human Factors in Computing …

  3. Unimodal and Multimodal Sensor Fusion for Wearable Activity Recognition

    In: Ph.D Forum on Pervasive Computing and Communications. IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom-2024), …

  4. Real-Time and on-the-Edge Multiple Channel Capacitive and Inertial Fusion-Based Glove

    In: International Conference on Body Area Networks. International Conference on Body Area Networks (Bodynets-2024), EAI BODYNETS 2023 2024 - 18th EAI …

  5. The Power of Training: How Different Neural Network Setups Influence the Energy Demand

    In: ARCS 2024: International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems. International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems (ARCS), …

  6. Yongliang Lin; Yongzhi Su; Praveen Annamalai Nathan; Sandeep Prudhvi Krishna Inuganti; Yan Di; Martin Sundermayer; Fabian Manhardt; Didier Stricker; Jason Raphael Rambach; Yu Zhang

    HiPose: Hierarchical Binary Surface Encoding and Correspondence Pruning for RGB-D 6DoF Object Pose Estimation

    In: IEEE/CVF (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the. International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR-2024), June 17-21, Seattle, …

  7. Lars Krupp; Steffen Steinert; Maximilian Kiefer-Emmanouilidis; Karina E. Avila; Paul Lukowicz; Jochen Kuhn; Stefan Küchemann; Jakob Karolus

    Challenges and Opportunities of Moderating Usage of Large Language Models in Education

    In: Proceedings of Machine Learning Research. AAAI Workshop on AI for Education (AI4ED-2024), Bridging Innovation and Responsibility, located at AAAI …

  8. Object Detection for Human-Robot Interaction and Worker Assistance Systems

    In: John Soldatos. Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing: Enabling Intelligent, Flexible and Cost-Effective Production Through AI. Pages 319-332, …

  9. Quantum inspired image augmentation applicable to waveguides and optical image transfer via Anderson Localization

    In: ICASSP 2024-2024 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP). International Conference on Acoustics, Speech …

  10. iFace: Hand-Over-Face Gesture Recognition Leveraging Impedance Sensing

    In: Proceedings of the Augmented Humans International Conference 2024. Augmented Humans International Conference (AHs-2024), New York, NY, USA, AHs …


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