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Innovative Factory Systems


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  1. CyProS - Cyber-Physical Production Systems - Increasing Productivity and Flexibility for Small and Medium-sized Businesses by Interconnecting Intelligent Systems in Factories

    The goal in the project CyPros, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, is to create a representative spectrum of …

  2. VISTRA - Virtual Simulation and Training of Assembly and Service Processes in Digital Factories

    The information gap between virtual product and manufacturing engineering and the physical start of production is a fundamental problem for European …

  3. RES-COM - Ressourcenschonung durch kontextaktivierte M2M-Kommunikation

    Die effiziente Schonung natürlicher Ressourcen wie Energie, Luft, Wasser und wertvoller Rohstoffe wird zukünftig vor allem softwaregesteuert und …

  4. automotiveHMI - Model-Driven HMI Development in the Automotive Industry

    The German automotive manufacturing and supplier industry is leading in the world. Many important and successful innovations of these days are related …

  5. GAK - Generische Geräteidentifikation - Aufgabenbasierter Kommunikationsaufbau für Mehrnutzersysteme

    Die Bedienung industrieller Geräte ist im Wandel. Der Trend geht weg von stationären hin zu mobilen universell einsetzbaren Bediengeräten. Diese …

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