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Intelligent Networks


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  1. CASTLE - Cybersecurity Appliance to enhance the Security of Living Environments

    The aim of the planned work is to research and develop security mechanisms and tools, which will be converted into an overall architecture in order to …

  2. IoBNT - Internet of Bio-Nano-Things

    The majority of current wireless communication systems are based on radio frequency (RF) radio waves. Although perfectly suited for many …

  3. 5G-ADirI - Automatisierung und Digitalisierung der regulatorischen Interaktionen für die Bereitstellung und den Betrieb von privaten 5G Netzen

    For the approval of 5G licenses from the private spectrum, applicants must go through various processes, which is usually done by submitting forms and …

  4. 5G-CANKRIN - 5G-Campusnetze für kritische Infrastrukturen

    Since pumps are often part of critical infrastructure, it is important to minimize their downtime. For this reason, additive sensing and predictive …

  5. ALPAKA - Agile Lösungen für Produktionsautomaten mittels Kommunikationsabsicherung

    The aim of the project "Agile solutions for automated production machines using communication security" (ALPAKA) is to lay important technical …

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