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  1. EASY - Energy-efficient analytics and control processes in the dynamic edge-cloud continuum for industrial manufacturing

    The EASY project aims at the energy-efficient analysis and execution of manufacturing and control processes in the context of dynamic industrial …

  2. SustainML_EI - Application Aware, Life-Cycle Oriented Model-Hardware Co-Design Framework for Sustainable, Energy Efficient ML Systems

    This project is based on the insight that in order to significantly reduce the CO2 footprint of ML applications power-aware applications must be as …

  3. ADaMus - Automatische Datenauswertung mit Mustererkennung

    Components manufactured for the aerospace industry must meet the highest quality and safety requirements. Often, highly complex and sophisticated …

  4. hyBit - Hydrogen for Bremen's industrial Transformation - Subproject: Agent-based modelling and social simulation

    The project hyBit - hydrogen for Bremen's industrial transformation - is the starting point and at the same time the central initial impulse of a …

  5. KITTU - KI-unterstützte Therapiebegleitung von Tumorpatienten am Beispiel der Urologie

    KITTU hat die Erforschung und Entwicklung eines KI-Assistenzsystem zum Ziel, welches die Therapie von Tumorpatienten in der Urologie ab der Diagnose …

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