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Dr.-Ing. Tobias Franke

Address (Kaiserslautern) Trippstadter Straße 122D-67663 Kaiserslautern


Julia Müller; Max Sprenger; Tobias Franke; Paul Lukowicz; Claudia Reidick; Marc Herrlich

In: Mensch und Computer. Mensch und Computer (MuC-2020), ACM, 2020.

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Tobias Franke; Andreas Poxrucker; Gernot Bahle; Paul Lukowicz

In: Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Smart City. IEEE International Conference on Smart City, 14th, December 12-14, Sydney, Australia, IEEE, 2017.

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Tobias Franke; Paul Lukowicz; Ulf Blanke

In: Journal of Internet Services and Applications, Vol. 6, No. 27, Pages 1-19, SpringerOpen, 12/2015.

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  • SDI-C

    Smart Data Innovation Challenges

    Das Konzept der Smart Data Innovation Challenges (SDI-C) erweitert das Smart Data Innovation Lab (SDIL) um eine wichtige Komponente. Geforderte schnellere, innovative Forschung kann damit…

  • FIA

    Participation in the FIA Rally Spectator Safety Project

    We will contribute to the following parts of the project:

    • Developing image recognition algorithms to detect spectators in (live) video footage from both in-car and drone-mounted cameras.