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DFKI at HICCS 2024 - Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Maaß is Co-Chair of the Minitrack "Quantum Computing Applications"

| Smart Service Engineering | Saarbrücken

The three-day Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) includes lectures, workshops, and symposia that encourage interaction and the development of comprehensive contributions, while being unique in its matrix structure of tracks and minitracks. In 2024, one of these minitracks on "Applications of Quantum Computing" will be co-chaired by Wolfgang Maaß. The minitrack invites researchers from the fields of computer science, natural sciences, engineering and economics to submit their research papers on applications of quantum computing.

Prof. Maaß, Prof. Wilhelm-Mauch and the QUASIM team

The Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences has been held since 1968, is one of the tip conferences especially in the area of Information Systems, Information Technology; but offers a wide range from Business to Technology. The mini-track "Quantum Computing Applications" was successfully submitted in the track "Software Technology" and is co-chaired by Wolfgang Maaß, Prof. Frank Wilhelm-Mauch (Forschungszentrum Jülich) and Frederick Struckmeier (Trumpf). The competence basis is the research project QUASIM - QC-Enhanced Service Ecosystem for Simulation in Manufacturing - under the consortium leadership of DFKI. 


How quantum computing (QC) is rapidly advancing as a new technology in research and could also find application in industry is the main topic at the QUASIM project. The manufacturing industry is an important branch of industry in Germany that has to meet high quality standards in order to be competitive. Simulations are used to find optimized parameters for machines and to avoid errors in manufacturing. However, simulations are very computationally intensive and require a lot of engineering knowledge. At QUASIM, a QC approach is being tested that makes simulations faster and easier by combining Quantum Machine Learning and the Finite Element Method. Innovative solutions based on QC are being developed to enable manufacturing companies with limited expertise in simulations to access Quantum Services. Quantum Services are delivered through GAIA-X environments.