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Artificial Intelligence supported Tool Chain in Manufacturing Engineering

In the application areas of production planning and engineering, the lack of interoperability between tools, methods and formats is still a common problem. The aim of the project "Artificial Intelligence supported Tool Chain in Manufacturing Engineering" - AIToC is to develop an integrated tool chain for production planning and engineering that supports decision-making at very early stages. The scope and approach of AIToC includes the development of existing or new tools to define and manage requirements, the creation of process plans, the creation of equipment models and layouts. To achieve this, a model-driven approach will be used to define product and production requirements. The planned tool chain will support formalisation and automated analysis of requirements, computer-aided generation of simulation models and software-aided generation of layouts. In all these dimensions, AI technologies will be used to process the large amounts of data created to learn from existing solutions. These are, for example, knowledge management and expert systems, natural language processing and machine learning. Tool chain integration focuses on solutions for tool interoperability and plug and play capabilities to be flexible in the design of the simulation environment. This will have a significant impact on efficiency (cost), quality of models and turnaround time for simulations in an industrial context. New functions will also be provided.

A strong consortium covering the entire value chain from cutting-edge research institutes and universities, technology experts and software vendors to industrial end-users will ensure an industry-driven approach. Use cases from different areas that are highly relevant to European and German industry ensure that the solutions developed relate strongly to user needs and are widely applicable. The use of and contribution to standards will furthermore enable a broad use of the technologies and tools.


Daimler Buses – EvoBus GmbH, EKS InTec GmbH, Institut für Automation und Kommunikation e.V., in2sight GmbH, isb innovative software businesses GmbH, TWT GmbH Science & Innovation GmbH, Raumtänzer GmbH, Software AG


BMBF - Federal Ministry of Education and Research


BMBF - Federal Ministry of Education and Research