Question Answering Learning technologies in a multilingual and Multimodal Environment

Question Answering Learning technologies in a multilingual and Multimodal Environment

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"Where can I eat paella this evening?". Answering this kind of question has recently become a concrete business opportunity, with a large array of services ranging from traditional customer care to more and more articulated web-based assistance services, being offered. Nowadays, voice portals (i.e. services providing speech-enabled access to web-based information) provide users with a broad variety of information (timetables, traffic circulation, weather forecasts, cultural events, etc.), and are experiencing an exponential increment in popularity. Most of the time, the common factor of the sought after information is its dynamism: the world rapidly changes over time, users ask (and pay) for completely fresh information. Gathering and maintaining all the relevant information, and providing users with complete and updated contents are undoubtedly a bottleneck and an expensive part of the work for voice portals and web-based information services. Improving the overall process can mean the difference between their success and failure. QALL-ME offers:

  • Semantic access to tourism specific regional information
  • NL query understanding in several languages entered via mobile devices (e.g., speech, SMS)
  • Correct, complete and concise answers with different output presentation formats (e.g., texts, maps, images)
  • Spatial & temporal context (e.g., via GPS, time of call)


ITC-irst Comdata S.a.P DFKI UbiQuest S.a.P University of Alicante University of Wolverhampton Waycom S.r.L.

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