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NDLCom: Simple Protocol for Heterogeneous Embedded Communication Networks

Martin Zenzes; Peter Kampmann; Tobias Stark; Moritz Schilling
In: Proceedings of the Embedded World Exhibition & Conference. Embedded world Exhibition & Conference, located at Embedded World 2016, February 23-25, Nürnberg, Germany, 2016.


In the feld of robotic systems, the Internet of Things, or modern industrial applications, many systems consist not only of one central computer, but of a heterogeneous set of embedded electronics employing different types of microcontroller and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). These electronics are located near sensors and actuators somewhere in the mechanical structure, and are connected with different communication technologies in order to exchange measurements and commands. We present Node-level Data Link Communication (NDLCom), a exible and minimal protocol for communicating in such heterogeneous systems consisting of low end devices. The details of the protocol design together with application examples and timing measurements of two robotic systems are discussed in this paper.