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  1. Multimodales Fenster in die Vergangenheit der ehemaligen Vau-ban-Festung Saarlouis mittels ChatGPT

    In: Thomas Barton; Christian Müller. Angewandte Wirtschaftsinformatik - Generative KI im Kontext der Wirtschaftsinformatik. Pages 1-19, Springer …

  2. The Virtual Revival of the City of Saarlouis via a Multimodal Augmented/Mixed Reality Touristic HoloLens App

    In: Human Computer Interaction International 2023. Human Computer Interaction International Conferences (HCII-2023), Pages 15-28, Springer Cham, 2023.

  3. DOMeMan: A holistic framework for digital object memories

    In: Hamid Aghajan; Juan Carlos Augusto (Hrsg.). Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments (JAISE), Vol. 6, No. 5, Pages 507-522, IOS …

  4. IRAR: Smart Intention Recognition and Action Recommendation for Cyber-Physical Industry Environments

    In: Juan Carlos Augusto; Vassilis Bourdakis; Daniela Braga; Simon Egerton; Kaori Fujinami; Gordon Hunter; Fahim Kawsar; Ahmad Lotfi; Davy Preuveneers; …

  5. Alexander Kröner; Jens Haupert; Matthieu Deru; Simon Bergweiler; Christian Hauck

    Enabling Data Collections for Open-Loop Applications in the Internet of Things

    In: Alessandro Bogliolo (Hrsg.). International Journal on Advances in Internet Technology, Vol. 7, No. 1+2, Pages 75-85, IARIA, 2014.

  6. Alexander Kröner; Jens Haupert; Christian Hauck; Matthieu Deru; Simon Bergweiler

    Fostering Access to Data Collections in the Internet of Things

    In: Wolfgang Narzt; Ann Gordon-Ross (Hrsg.). UBICOMM 2013, The Seventh International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Computing, Systems, Services and …

  7. Jens Haupert; Christian Hauck; Alexander Kröner

    How to Instill Activity into Digital Object Memories

    In: Alexander Kröner; Jens Haupert; Chris Speed; Fahim Kawsar; Thomas Ploetz; Daniel Schreiber (Hrsg.). International Workshop on Digital Object …