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Smart Data & Knowledge Services


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  1. Clockwork - Creating Learning Organisations with Contextualised Knowledge-Rich work Artifacts


    • The Open University
    • University of Ljubljana
    • Czech Technical University in Prague
    • INTEC GmbH
    • Ing. Ges. fuer neue Technologien
    • Loughboro …
  2. MIETTA - Multilingual Tourist Information on the World Wide Web

    The travel and tourism sector is one of the biggest economic branches world-wide. For this sector the World Wide Web plays an increasingly important …

  3. TEMSIS - Transnational Environmental Management Support & Information System

    The increasing availability of up-to-date data in the information age is of limited use without adequate presentation. Language technology can make an …

  4. VirtualOffice - Media-independent handling of administrative workflows

    The aim of VirtualOffice is research and development of innovative solutions for document analysis and understanding (DAU) and their integration into …

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