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Collaboration for Internet Rating, Certification,

Gnowsis ist a Software Tool to gather, order and structure the miscellanous Information and Data that can be found on personal computers by the principles of the semantic web.

The Gnowsis system adds…

Creating Learning Organisations with Contextualised Knowledge-Rich work Artifacts


  • The Open University
  • University of Ljubljana
  • Czech Technical University in Prague
  • INTEC GmbH
  • Ing. Ges. fuer neue Technologien
  • Loughborough University
Multilingual Tourist Information on the World Wide Web

The travel and tourism sector is one of the biggest economic branches world-wide. For this sector the World Wide Web plays an increasingly important role, be it for the purpose of providing…

Transnational Environmental Management Support & Information System

The increasing availability of up-to-date data in the information age is of limited use without adequate presentation. Language technology can make an important contribution to this, whereby…

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