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Christian Mandel, Kathrin Stich, Serge Autexier, Christoph Lüth, Ariane Ziehn, Karin Hochbaum, Rolf Dembinski, Christoph Int-Veen

In: Proceedings of the 44th. International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC-2022) Biomedical Engineering transforming the provision of healthcare: promoting wellness through personalized & predictable provision at the point of care July 11-15 Glasgow United Kingdom IEEE Xplore 2022.

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Milovs Savic, Vladimir Kurbalija, Mihailo Ilic, Mirjana Ivanovic, Duvsan Jakovetic, Antonios Valachis, Serge Autexier, Johannes Rust, Thanos Kosmidis

In: Mirjana Ivanovic, Zakaria Maamar (editor). Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Management of Digital EcoSystems. The International ACM Conference on Management of Emergent Digital EcoSystems (MEDES-2021) November 1-3 Virtual Event Tunisia MEDES '21 ISBN 9781450383141 Association for Computing Machinery 11/2021.

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REal-time data monitoring for Shared, Adaptive, Multi-domain and Personalised prediction and decision making for Long-term Pulmonary care Ecosystems

Multi-morbid complex chronic conditions (CCCs) are highly prevalent in patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and timely and preventive care is essential. RE-SAMPLE will improve…



AdaMeKoR project part: Robotic arm assistance system and integrated robotic concepts for patient transfer

The overall objective of AdaMeKoR is the development of an adaptive and multifunctional motorized bed with robotic arm system for use in nursing.

For this purpose, sensor components are developed,…



Cooperative, modular, mobile Smart Life Lab

The aim of the project is to support researchers in the design, evaluation and subsequent mediation of networked objects. For this purpose, a flexible concept is pursued, in which both established…



Artificial intelligence Supporting CAncer Patients across Europe

The project objective is to take advantage of the advances in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to support cancer patients’ quality of life and health status. To this end, it will…


Textile surfaces for electrical supply, information technology communication and intuitive interaction with IoT devices in the Smart Home

The aim of the project is to develop so-called Connecting Textiles. These are to form a safe, robust and electromagnetically environmentally friendly textile-based IoT infrastructure for smart…


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