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Distributed Computation in a Quadrupedal Robotic System

Daniel Kuehn; Felix Bernhard; Armin Burchardt; Moritz Schilling; Tobias Stark; Martin Zenzes; Frank Kirchner
In: International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, Vol. 11, Pages 1-15, InTechOpen, 2014.


Today’s and future space missions deal with increasing requirements regarding autonomy and flexibility in the locomotor system. To cope with these requirements, a higher bandwidth of sensor information is needed. Within this paper a robotic system is presented, equipped with artificial feet and spine incorporating increased sensing capabilities for walking robots. In the proposed quadrupedal robotic system, the front and rear part are connected via an actuated spinal structure with six degrees of freedom. In order to increase the robustness of the systems locomotion in terms of traction and stability, a foot-like structure equipped with various sensors has been developed. In terms of distributed local control, both structures are as self-contained as possible with regard to sensing, sensor preprocessing, control, and communication. This allows the robot to respond rapidly to occurring events with minor latency.