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Foundations of Semantic Television - Design of a Distributed and Gesture-Based Television System

Simon Bergweiler; Matthieu Deru
In: International Journal on Advances in Intelligent Systems (IARIA), Vol. 8, No. 1&2, Pages 194-208, Freimut Bodendorf (Hrsg.), 7/2015.


The innovations in information and communication technologies change our daily life and the way how to interact with intelligent systems. Powerful computers are becoming smaller and are integrated almost anywhere, even in televisions. Today’s connected television systems are offering a lot of technical functionalities including these, which are currently integrated in smartphones. In this article, we describe an innovative approach in form of an intelligent television system named Swoozy, which enables viewers to discover extended information, such as facts, images, shopping recommendations or video clips about the currently broadcast TV program by using the power of technologies of the Internet and the Semantic Web. Via a gesturebased user interface viewers will get answers to questions they may ask themselves during a movie or TV report directly on their television. These questions are very often related to the name and vita of the featured actor, the place where a scene was filmed, or purchasable books and items about the topic of the report the viewer is watching. Furthermore, a new interaction concept for TVs is proposed using semantic annotations called Grabbables that are displayed on top of the videos and that provide a semantic referencing between the videos’ content and an ontological representation to access Semantic Web Services.