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An Impact-oriented Maturity Model for IT-based Case Management

Jana Koehler; Roland Woddtly; Jörg Hofstetter
In: Information Systems, Vol. 47, Pages 278-291, Elsevier, 2015.


Case management comprises various complex activities. Consequently, case managers have to balance very diverging requirements and needs, while at the same time facing increasingly complex decisions. Case management software systems (CMS) provide capabilities such as information assessment and handling, decision and collaboration management as well as flexible process guidance to support case managers. When introducing a CMS into an organization, a maturity model of IT-based case management helps in mastering different levels of technology adoption by exploiting technological benefits and carefully addressing associated risks. In this paper, we propose the C3M maturity model for IT-based case management that links maturity levels with sets of capabilities that are typical for case management in social work, health care, and the handling of complex claims in insurance. The model focuses on the impact of technology and is linked to a map of benefits and risks across five impact areas. Each impact area is characterized by six impact factors that we consider as especially important when managing IT technology adoption within case management.


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