Using DCT Features for Printing Technique and Copy Detection

Christian Schulze, Marco Schreyer, Armin Stahl, Thomas Breuel

In: Gilbert Peterson, Sujeet Shenoi (Hrsg.). Advances in Digital Forensics V. Seiten 95-106 IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology 306 ISBN 978-3-642-04154-9 Springer Boston 2009.


The ability to discriminate between original documents and their photocopies poses a problem when conducting automated forensic examinations of large numbers of confiscated documents. This paper describes a novel frequency domain approach for printing technique and copy detection of scanned document images. Tests using a dataset consisting of 49 laser-printed, 14 inkjet-printed and 46 photocopied documents demonstrate that the approach outperforms existing spatial domain methods for image resolutions exceeding 200 dpi. An increase in classification accuracy of approximately 5% is achieved for low scan resolutions of 300 dpi and 400 dpi. In addition, the approach has the advantage of increased processing speed.

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