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Managing Presentations in an Intelligent Environment

Christoph Stahl; Michael Schmitz; Antonio Krüger; Jörg Baus
In: Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Multi-User and Ubiquitous User Interfaces. Workshop on Multi-User and Ubiquitous User Interfaces (MU3I-05), located at Intelligent User Interfaces, January 9, San Diego, CA, USA, online proceedings, 1/2005.


Intelligent environments enable users to receive informa- tion from a variety of sources, i.e. from a range of dis- plays embedded in those environments. From a services perspective delivering presentations to users in such an environment is not a trivial task. While designing a service it is, for example, not clear at all which displays will be present in the speci¯c presentation situation and which of those displays might be locked by other ser- vices. It is further unclear if other users are able to see the presentation, which could cause problems for the presentation of private information in a public space. In this paper we propose a solution to this problem by introducing the concept of a presentation manager that provides services with an abstraction of the avail- able displays. The presentation manger is able to detect con°icts that arise when several users and services try to access the same display space and provide strategies to solve these con°icts by distributing presentations in space and time. Finally, we will report our experiences that were gained within an intelligent environment with a presentation manager managing parallel presentations from a navigation and a shopping service.