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Realization of Tree Adjoining Grammars with Unification

Anne Kilger
DFKI, DFKI Technical Memos (TM), Vol. 92-08, 1992.


The syntactic generator of the WIP system is based on the representation formalism 'Tree Adjoining Grammars' (TAGs). We have extended the formalism by associating elementary rules of the grammar (trees) with feature structures, leading to 'Tree Adjoining Grammars with Unification' (UTAGs). The extended formalism facilitates a compact and adequate representation of complex syntactic features. The contradiction between the monotonic operation of unification and the combination operation for trees - adjunction - that is nonmonotonic in a way can be solved by several approaches to realization. Two of them are presented in this work and compared with respect to the restrictions that are given by the system, i.e., the adequacy of the realization for incremental and parallel generation. It can be shown that UTAGs are subsumed by FTAGs (Feature Structure based TAGs) that have been defined by Vijay-Shanker and Joshi. That is why the results for realization can be applied to both UTAGs and a restricted version of FTAGs.