Snacap: Snacking Behavior Monitoring with SmartFabric Mechanomyography on the Temporalis

Bo Zhou, Paul Lukowicz

In: Proceedings of the ACM International Symposium on Wearable Computers. ACM International Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC-2020) befindet sich UbiComp 2020 September 12-17 Virtual Mexico ACM 2020.


This paper investigates the possibility of using soft smart textiles over the hair regions to detect chewing activities under episodes of snacking in a simulated scenario with everyday activities. The planar pressure textile sensors are used to perform mechanomyography of the temporalis muscles in the form of a cap. 10 participants contributed 30 recording sessions with time periods between 30 and 60 minutes. A frequency analysis method is developed to detect moments of snacking events with continuous sliding windows on 1-second time granularity. Our approach results in a baseline 80% accuracy, over 85% after outlier removal, and above 90% accuracy for some of the participants.

Snacap__snacking_behavior_monitoring_with_smart_fabric_mechanomyography_on_the_temporalis-3.pdf (pdf, 7 MB )

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