Towards using concept mapping for math learning

Jochen Müller, Martin Mühlenbrock, Niels Pinkwart

In: Learning Technology newsletter 6 3 Seiten 13-15 7/2004.


Concept mapping is a technique for visually representing the structure of information - how concepts within a domain are interrelated. It is based on theories of meaningful learning which stress that learning new knowledge is dependent on what is already known. More specifically, new knowledge gains meaning when it can be substantively related to a framework of existing knowledge rather than being "processed and filed" in isolation according to more or less arbitrary criteria. Concept mapping supports the visualization of such conceptual frameworks and is an example for �mind tools� that may support learning. We have started an initiative to integrate the collaborative modelling framework Cool Modes with the adaptive tutoring system ActiveMath with the aim of using concept mapping techniques for mathematics learning.


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