Explanation of Semantic Search Results of Medical Images in MEDICO

Björn Forcher, Manuel Möller, Michael Sintek, Thomas Roth-Berghofer

In: Thomas Roth-Berghofer, Nava Tintarev, David B. Leake (Hrsg.). Workshop 10@IJCAI-09: Explanation-aware Computing (ExaCt 2009). International Workshop on Explanation-aware Computing (ExaCt-09) befindet sich IJCAI 2009 July 11-12 Pasadena California United States Seiten 13-24 AAAI 2009.


The research project MEDICO aims at developing an intelligent, robust and scalable semantic search engine for medical images and is designated for different kinds of users, such as medical doctors, medical IT professionals, patients and citizens, and policy makers. Since semantic search results are not always self-explanatory various kinds of explanation are necessary to satisfy different user goals. Our prime concern is to provide intuitive justifications for inexperienced users in the medical domain using semantic networks as form of depiction. In addition, we provide several interaction styles enabling a deeper insight into the medical knowledge.3


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