WiCoSens: a wearable, intelligent color sensing platform for non-invasive storage shelf identification

Orkhan Amiraslanov, Hymalai Bello, Gerald Pirkl, Peter Hevesi, Paul Lukowicz

In: ISWC '17. IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC-17) befindet sich 21st September 11-15 Maui HI United States Seiten 102-105 ISBN 978-1-4503-5188-1 ACM New York 9/2017.


Reaching out onto a shelf or into a cabinet and taking something out is a fundamental part of many activities. In our daily life we carry out several picking and placing actions from/to shelves, cupboards, racks, containers, etc.. With enough instrumentation identifying the shelf from which something has been taken is not a fundamental problem. However, reliably detecting specific shelf from which something has been taken with an unobtrusive and cheap setup remains, in general, an open problem. As a solution we developed WiCoSens - a wrist worn color sensor (CS) array to detect color coded surfaces. We describe the hardware design, the identification method and a simple color coded shelf setup to evaluate the system. Initial results show 100% accuracy with user independent training.

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