Dr.-Ing. Jan Ole Berndt

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    Gebäude H
    Behringstraße 21
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Martin Memmel, Jan Ole Berndt, Ingo Timm

In: Manfred Schrenk , Vasily V. Popovich , Peter Zeile , Pietro Elisei , Clemens Beyer , Judith Ryser , Gernot Stoeglehner (editor). Proceedings of REAL CORP 2021. International Conference on Urban Planning, Regional Development and Information Society (REAL CORP-2021) Creating Habitats for the 3rd Millenium September 7-10 Vienna Austria Pages 65-75 CORP - Competence Center of Urban and Regional Planning 9/2021.

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Social Simulation for Analysis of Infectious Disease Control

The current COVID 19 pandemic is a major challenge for society and the healthcare system. The behavior of people is very much dependent on their environment (emergence effect), as shown, for example,…

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