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RECUPERA-Reha Full-body exoskeleton for upper body robotic assistance

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The aim of RECUPERA-Reha is the development of an innovative and mobile full-body exoskeleton, as well as and of an active subsystem as an independent unit for robot-assisted rehabilitation of neurological diseases. The full-body system is intended to capture the kinematics of the entire human body, to support itself, and to work power self-sufficient. New methods dealing with actuation, lightweight construction, and control engineering will be elaborated for the development of the system. The mechatronic approaches are combined with a new methods for online-evaluation of EEG/EMG signals, in order to allow an evaluation of the operating person’s condition and a multistage support of the exoskeleton’s control system. Innovations from the full-body system will be used to develop the independent unit and investigate fundamental principles and approaches for treatment and rehabilitation. The close cooperation with the joint project partner rehaworks allows to evaluate the medical suitability of the developed components. Further it opens up new perspectives for development of prototypical robotic rehabilitation devices. The performance and the ergonomics of the systems will be investigated in a subsequent evaluation phase. Finally, criteria for a pilot study in the field of upper body rehabilitation will be defined.


rehaworks GmbH


BMBF - Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Projektträger im DLR Softwaresysteme und Wissenstechnologie, Bonn

BMBF - Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Publications about the project

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Elsa Andrea Kirchner; Stephen Fairclough; Frank Kirchner

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