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KI in der medizinischen Bild- und Signalverarbeitung


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  1. Marco Maass; Christine Droigk; Hannes Albers; Konrad Scheffler; Alfred Mertins; Tobias Kluth; Tobias Knopp

    Magnetic particle imaging with non-orientedimmobilized particles: Why the Langevinmodel of paramagnetism is sufficient

    In: International Journal on Magnetic Particle Imaging, Vol. 10, No. 1, Suppl 1, Pages 1-4, Infinite Science Publishing, 3/2024.

  2. Implicitly Solved Regularization for Learning-Based Image Registration

    In: Xiaohuan Cao; Xuanang Xu; Islem Rekik; Zhiming Cui; Xi Ouyang (Hrsg.). Machine Learning in Medical Imaging. International Workshop on Machine …

  3. Marja Fleitmann; Hristina Uzunova; René Pallenberg; Andreas M Stroth; Jan Gerlach; Alexander Fürschke; Jörg Barkhausen; Arpad Bischof; Heinz Handels

    Artificial Intelligence-Based Prediction of Contrast Medium Doses for Computed Tomography Angiography Using Optimized Clinical Parameter Sets

    In: Methods of Information in Medicine, Vol. 63, Pages 1-10, Georg Thieme Verlag KG, Stuttgart, 2024.

  4. Malte Luttermann; Johann Machemer; Marcel Gehrke

    Efficient Detection of Exchangeable Factors in Factor Graphs

    In: Proceedings of the Thirty-Seventh International FLAIRS Conference. International FLAIRS Conference (FLAIRS-2024), May 19-21, Miramar Beach, FL, …

  5. Nele Brügge; Gesine Marie Sallandt; Ronja Schappert; Frédéric Li; Alina Siekmann; Marcin Grzegorzek; Tobias Bäumer; Christian Frings; Christian Beste; Roland Stenger; Veit Roessner; Sebastian Fudickar; Heinz Handels; Alexander Münchau

    Automated Motor Tic Detection: A Machine Learning Approach

    In: Movement Disorders, John Wiley & Sons (Wiley), 5/2023.

  6. Timo Kepp; Julia Andresen; Claus von der Burchard; Johann Roider; Gereon Hüttmann; Heinz Handels

    Shape-based Segmentation of Retinal Layers and Fluids in OCT Image Data

    In: Computer Aided Diagnosis. SPIE Medical Imaging (SPIE-2023), February 19-23, San Diego, Kalifornien, USA, SPIE, 2023.

  7. Nele Brügge; Esfandiar Mohammadi; Alexander Münchau; Tobias Bäumer; Christian Frings; Christian Beste; Veit Roessner; Heinz Handels

    Towards Privacy and Utility in Tourette Tic Detection Through Pretraining Based on Publicly Available Video Data of Healthy Subjects

    In: IEEE ICASSP 2023 - Conference Proceedings. International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP-2023), June 4-10, Rhodes …

  8. Julia Andresen; Timo Kepp; Michael Wang-Evers; Jan Ehrhardt; Dieter Manstein; Heinz Handels

    Unsupervised Segmentation of Wounds in Optical Coherence Tomography Images Using Invariant Information Clustering

    In: Klaus Maier-Hein; Thomas M Deserno; Heinz Handels; Andreas Maier; Christoph Palm; Thomas Tolxsdorff (Hrsg.). Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin …

  9. Timo Kepp; Julia Andresen; Helge Sudkamp; Claus von der Burchard; Johann Roider; Gereon Hüttmann; Jan Ehrhardt; Heinz Handels

    Epistemic and Aleatoric Uncertainty Estimation for PED, Segmentation in Home OCT Images

    In: Klaus Maier-Hein; Thomas M Deserno; Heinz Handels; Andreas Maier; Christoph Palm; Thomas Tolxdorff (Hrsg.). Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2022. …

  10. Hristina Uzunova; Matthias Wilms; Nils D Forkert; Heinz Handels; Jan Ehrhardt

    A systematic comparison of generative models for medical images

    In: International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery (IJCARS), Vol. 17, Pages 1-12, Springer, 2022.


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