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Intelligent Manual Working Station through Assistive Systems

Patrick Bertram; Max Birtel; Fabian Quint; Martin Ruskowski
In: Marco Macchi; László Monostori; Roberto Pinto (Hrsg.). IFAC-PapersOnLine, Vol. 51 - 16th IFAC Symposium on Information Control Problems in Manufacturing INCOM 2018 Bergamo, Italy, 11-13 June 2018, No. 11, Pages 170-175, Elsevier, 2018.


The succeeding digitization in industry emerges highly flexible value creationnetworks involving human and machines. Digital systems become more advanced and allowa closer collaboration of human, machines and IT systems. To fulfill the requirements regardinga faster reaction to customer demands, individuality of products and the creation of new businessmodels, manual work plays and will in future play a crucial role. Different assistive systems formanual working stations have been developed in the last years. These systems support a humanworker by visualizing and supervising the tasks. While some of these systems can already befound on the market and are used in industrial practice, most of them are research prototypes.This paper gives an overview over existing solutions and prototypes and discusses their specificapplication focus. Moreover, it compares these systems with each other and links them withrequirements of an intelligent manual working station of future value creation networks