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Optimized Coordination and Simulation for Industrial Human Robot Collaborations

André Antakli; Torsten Spieldenner; Marcel Köster; Julian Groß; Erik Herrmann; Dmitri Rubinstein; Daniel Spieldenner; Ingo Zinnikus
In: Alessandro Bozzon; Jose Francisco and Dominguez Mayo; Joaquim and Filipe. Web Information Systems and Technologies. Pages 44-68, ISBN 978-3-030-61750-9, Springer International Publishing, 2020.


For years, the manufacturing industry has been investing substantial amounts of research and development work for the implementation of hybrid teams of human workers and robotic units. The composition of hybrid teams requires an optimal coordination of individual players with fundamentally different characteristics and skills. In this paper, we present a highly configurable simulation environment supporting end-users, e.g. manufacturing planners, to optimally prepare, evaluate and improve the collaboration of hybrid teams in the scope of production lines. For generating the optimal task assignment, a GPU-based high-performance optimizer is introduced into the simulation environment. The framework is embedded in a web-based distributed infrastructure that models and provides the involved components (digital human models, robots, visualization environment) as resources. We illustrate the approach with a use case originating from the aircraft industry.