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Encountering Students' Learning Difficulties in Electrics - Didactical Concept and Prototype of Augmented Reality-Toolkit

Luisa Lauer; Hamraz Javaheri; Kristin Altmeyer; Sarah Malone; Agnes Grünerbl; Michael Barz; Markus Peschel; Roland Brünken; Paul Lukowicz
In: Fostering scientific citizenship in an uncertain world - ESERA 2021 e-Proceedings. European Science Education Research Association Conference (ESERA-2021), Workshop: Digital Resources for Science Teaching and Learning, August 30 - September 3, University of Minho, 2022.


Real-time visualization of electrical circuit scematics in accordance to the components’ semantic connection• Use of the toolkit may faciliate the acquisition of representational competencies (concerning the matching of components and symbols and the matching of circuits and circuit schematics)• Usable with either handheld AR-devices or head-mounted AR-devices

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