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Sustaining the European Language Grid: Towards the ELG Legal Entity

Georg Rehm; Katrin Marheinecke; Stefanie Hegele; Stelios Piperidis; Kalina Bontcheva; Jan Hajič; Khalid Choukri; Andrejs Vasiļjevs; Gerhard Backfried; Katja Prinz; Jose Manuel Gómez-Pérez; Ulrich Germann
In: Georg Rehm (Hrsg.). European Language Grid: A Language Technology Platform for Multilingual Europe. Pages 233-254, Cognitive Technologies, ISBN 978-3-031-17257-1, Springer, Cham, Switzerland, 1/2023.


When preparing the European Language Grid EU project proposal and designing the overall concept of the platform, the need for drawing up a long-term sustainability plan was abundantly evident. Already in the phase of developing the proposal, the centrepiece of the sustainability plan was what we called the “ELG legal entity”, i. e., an independent organisation that would be able to take over operations, maintenace, extension and governance of the European Language Grid platform as well as managing and helping to coordinate its community. This chapter describes our current state of planning with regard to this legal entity. It explains the different options discussed and it presents the different products specified, which can be offered by the legal entity in the medium to long run. We also describe which legal form the organisation will take and how it will ensure the sustainability of ELG.