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Interoperable Metadata Bridges to the wider Language Technology Ecosystem

Penny Labropoulou; Stelios Piperidis; Miltos Deligiannis; Leon Voukoutis; Maria Giagkou; Ondřej Ko¨arko; Jan Hajič;; Georg Rehm
In: Georg Rehm (Hrsg.). European Language Grid: A Language Technology Platform for Multilingual Europe. Pages 107-127, Cognitive Technologies, ISBN 978-3-031-17257-1, Springer, Cham, Switzerland, 1/2023.


One of the objectives of the European Language Grid is to help overcome the fragmentation of the European Language Technology community by bringing together language resources and technologies, information about them, Language Technology consumers, providers and the wider public. This chapter describes the mechanisms ELG has put in place to build interoperable bridges to related initiatives, infrastructures, platforms and repositories in the wider Language Technology landscape. We focus on the different approaches implemented for the exchange of metadata records about, in a generic sense, resources and exemplify them with the help of four use cases through which the ELG catalogue has been further populated. The chapter presents the protocols used for the population processes as well as the adaptations of the ELG metadata schema and platform policies that proved necessary to be able to ingest these new records.