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Making Sense of Partial

Markus Loeckelt; Tilmann Becker; Norbert Pfleger; Jan Alexandersson
In: Foster Bos; Matheson (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the sixth workshop on the semantics and pragmatics of dialogue. Workshop Series on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue (SEMDIAL-2002), EDILOG, September 4-6, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, Pages 101-107, 2002.


We address the challenging task of processing partial multimodal utterances in a mixed-initiative dialogue system for multiple applications such as information seeking, device control etc. Based on four different types of expectations computed by our action planner (aka dialog manager), we distinguish between expected utterances, various degrees of unexpected but plausible utterances, and uninterpretable utterances. We include a description of the backbone architecture and the representation formalisms used.

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