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Providing Individual Route Instructions for Indoor Wayfinding in Complex, Multi-Level Buildings

Stefan Münzer; Christoph Stahl
In: GI-Days 2007 Young Researchers Forum. Geoinformatik (GI-Days-2007), Young Researchers Forum, September 10-12, Münster, Germany, Pages 241-246, ifgi Prints, Münster, 9/2007.


The present paper describes an interdisciplinary approach to personalized indoor wayfinding in complex multi-level buildings. Users are presented with individual visual route instructions on ambient displays in the environment. These instructions are provided by a modelling software which calculates individual paths through a virtual model of the building. Since users should be able to comprehend and learn such route instructions easily and quickly, the question arises which instructional format will foster human wayfinding in this scenario most effectively. An empirical study was therefore designed. Egocentric, view-based visual instruction formats are compared to a map-based, allocentric format. Currently, data on route learn-ing and wayfinding success after being presented with route instructions in different formats are collected in a complex, multi-level building. The results of this study will contribute to the development of design guidelines for cognitively adaequate indoor route instructions, in particular for egocentric and animated visual formats.