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Adaptable Model-based Tracking Using Analysis-by-Synthesis Techniques

Harald Wuest; Folker Wientapper; Didier Stricker
In: The 12th International Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns. International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns (CAIP-2007), 12th, August 27-29, Vienna, Austria, 8/2007.


In this paper we present a novel analysis-by-synthesis approach for real-time camera tracking in industrial scenarios. The camera pose estimation is based on the tracking of line features which are generated dynamically in every frame by rendering a polygonal model and extracting contours out of the rendered scene. Different methods of the line model generation are investigated. Depending on the scenario and the given 3D model either the image gradient of the frame buffer or discontinuities of the z-buffer and the normal map are used for the generation of a 2D edge map. The 3D control points on a contour are calculated by using the depth value stored in the z-buffer. By aligning the generated features with edges in the current image, the extrinsic parameters of the camera are estimated. The camera pose used for rendering is predicted by a line-based frame-to-frame tracking which takes advantage of the generated edge features. The method is validated and evaluated with the help of ground-truth data as well as real image sequences.