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Conference Professional Knowledge Management

Klaus-Dieter Althoff; Ralph Bergmann; Andreas Dengel; Markus Nick; Thomas Roth-Berghofer (Hrsg.)
Conference on Professional Knowledge Management (WM-2005), April 10-13, Kaiserslautern, Springer, 2005.


Professional knowledge management is imperative for the success of enterprises. One decisive factor for the success of knowledge management projects is the coordination of elements such as corporate culture, enterprise organization, human resource management, as well as information and communication technology. The proper alignment and balancing of these factors are currently little understood—especially the role of information technology, which is often regarded only as an implementation tool, though it can be a catalyst by making new knowledge management solutions possible. This conference brought together representatives from practical and research fields for discussing experiences, professional applications, and visions through presentations, workshops, tutorials, and an accompanying industry exhibition. The main focus of the conference was the realization of knowledge management strategies with the aid of innovative information technology solutions, such as intelligent access to organizational memories, or integration of business processes and knowledge management. Also of interest were holistic/integrative approaches to knowledge management that deal with issues raised by the integration of people, organizations, and information technology.

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