Spatial Reasoning for Plausibility Checks of Medical Object Recognition Results Using the Foundational Model of Anatomy

Manuel Möller, Patrick Ernst, Andreas Dengel

In: Proceedings of the 2nd Malaysian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence. Malaysian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (MJCAI-2010) July 26-30 Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia MIMOS 7/2010.


We present a rule-based system using medical expert knowledge represented in a formal ontology to check the results of automatic medical object recognition algorithms for anatomical plausibility. Our system is based on the comprehensive Foundation Model of Anatomy ontology and uses a set of forward rules executed by a Prolog engine. In our evaluation we describe how this approach can be used to check the results of a state-of-the-art medical object recognition system for 3D CT volume data sets for anatomical plausibility. Our results show that the combination of sub-symbolic object recognition, medical domain knowledge represented in formal ontologies and yields an improved overall recognition precision.

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