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Photo und Audiorealistische*r Volumetrische*r Mixed Reality Professor*in für omnipräsente und nutzeroptimierte Lehre

VoluProf implements an application that integrates the most realistic and interactive image possible, as well as the teacher's language, into an MR environment (e.g. in the user's living room). The…

Learning Analytics, Monitoring und Ambition for Study Success in Distance Learning

The aim of the project is to research the factors for academic success and dropout for digital study formats and their interactions on the subjective, curricular and institutional level. With the…

Digitale Souveränität in Spiegel der elektronischen Patientenakte - informationelle Selbstbestimmung und Patienten - Empowerment -

Spätestens ab dem 01.01.2021 müssen die Krankenkassen ihren Versicherten eine elektronische Patientenakte (ePA) zur freiwilligen Nutzung anbieten. Damit ältere Menschen informationell selbstbestimmt…

AI Campus – The Learning Platform for Artificial Intelligence

At the center of the three-year project is the prototypical development of a digital learning platform specializing in the field of artificial intelligence. This platform is particularly designed for…

Artificial intelligence for people in occupational rehabilitation

Digital transformation via artificial intelligence is setting trends for new forms of qualification and work in many sectors of the education and labour market. AI applications should therefore…

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German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz