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Digital Resilience in Flux: A Comparative Analysis in Manufacturing Pre- and Post-Crisis

Hannah Stein; Sabine Janzen; Benedikt Haida; Wolfgang Maaß
In: Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 2024. Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-2024), USA, HICSS, 1/2024.


Major disruptions or crises such as COVID-19 or the war in Ukraine impact various industries such as manufacturing. These crises triggered declines in production due to lockdowns, problems in supply chains, and unavailability of production material. To cope with disruptions and crises, manufacturing companies need to be or become resilient. This work presents how major disruptions impact the digital resilience capabilities of manufacturing companies. By comparing the results of two surveys on digital resilience in manufacturing - one conducted in 2019 (pre-crisis), one replicated and conducted in 2023 (post-crisis) - it was found that major disruptions strengthened the capabilities of absorbing disruptions and adapting to disruptions in manufacturing companies.